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5 Best Ways to Wear Your Enamel Pin

Enamel pins are becoming increasingly popular as a fashion accessory. However, a lot of newcomers to the trend are always left questioning where they should start attaching their new hardware. Looking to instagram can offer some interesting ideas. But before you traverse through a mountain of images, we've outlined here some cool ways on how you can wear your pin. 

1. Jacket 

If you have a denim jacket, adding pins is a good way to accessorize and add some flavor. Simply adding one pin already does the trick, but if you have a collection that could work too. 
A corduroy jacket can also get the job done.

2. Backpack 

Most backpacks are generally the same colors - adding a pin can make that backpack standout in the sea of black, blue and grey backpacks. 

3. Duffle bag

Similar to the backpack, adding a pin to your weekend getaway bag makes the bag feel distinctly yours. Lower the chances you'll have your bag mistaken for someone else's. 

4. Hat

Attach a single pin to your favorite hat, and others will appreciate the details you've added to your outfit. 

5. Buttoned Shirt 

Wearing your favorite pin on a buttoned shirt will add a certain subtle touch of class. 

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